Press releases from the Spennymoor Independent Candidate Alan Gardner – Spennymoor Ward By-election on 18th February 2016 :

Ladies, Gentleman, friends and colleagues, The Spennymoor Ward by-election declaration saw Labour win by a single Vote.

Congratulations to James Pratchett.

I would like to thank the whole team involved in my campaign. We have shown that through, openness, honesty, accountability and lots of serious hard work that we are changing minds in Spennymoor. This seat for many years, of a Labour Party giant, former mayor and leader has been diminished to nothing by a newcomer to the township.

Spennymoor Independents should be proud as I have only lived in this town 3 years. The impact of promoting the values that have gained so much trust from those that voted for us should be taken as a massive boost for the future. With strong candidates and our continuing persistence in those 7 key values we hold, we have only the non-voters to convince and we shall do that with continued work in the community, week in and week out as we have been doing.

Thank you to the team of administrators and officials from Electoral Services at DCC. Thank You to all that put their trust in me. I am humbled by every single one of you giving me your vote.

The good people of Spennymoor have on this occasion chose another candidate. We will work harder to gain more trust and respect. We will work harder for a better Spennymoor.

Alan Gardner, 2 Beech Avenue, Spennymoor. DL16 7SU