Cllr Geoff Darkes




I have lived in Spennymoor for 38 years having worked as an Industrial Engineering Manager with a local company, Thorn Lighting for over 32 years and retired in 2004.My late wife Carole and I brought up two sons in the town, who both had a good start in life as a result of their education at Primary and Secondary schools within our town.

It is as a result of having two sons, my wife and I felt strongly about the aspirations of the young people of Spennymoor and wanted to try and give something back to the town that gave our sons their good start in life and to the community we lived in.

I am a school governor of Rosa Street primary school academy, which both my sons attended and also a school governor at Ox Close primary school.

I am chairman of Spennymoor Town PACT ( Police and Communities Together) group, which deals specifically with personal safety and wellbeing concerns from residents of the Town area. A large amount of police and group effort, over a number of years, has been related to the blight on private homeowners within one area of our town from some of the problem tenants of distant landlords. We have been campaigning with Durham County Council and still are, for a compulsory Landlord Registration Scheme, so far DCC. have only introduced a voluntary scheme, which obviously does not capture the problem distant landlords. As more and more new private homes are built in our town there will be a glut of “second hand” homes in other areas of our town, resulting in even more properties being owned by distant landlords with further potential problem tenants.

I am also secretary of the Greenways Residents Association, which represents the 1,097 homes on the Greenways estate where I live and was actively involved in the creation of the Ox Close Community Garden.

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