Cllr Paul Humble

PaulI moved to Spennymoor a relatively short time ago with my Fiancee (now my Wife) in 2012 from Sunderland.  At the time we were looking at various locations across the County Durham Area but the investment that was being planned within Spennymoor attracted us here and we decided to relocate to the new Durhamgate Estate.

I live with my Wife and two children who both attend Schools in Spennymoor (Tudhoe Moor and North Park), my daughter is currently attending the excellent girls training sessions that Spennymoor Town F.C. run.  I am an avid and keen Allotment holder and we are definitely a family who are proud to tell people we live in Spennymoor.

Since moving here I have discovered many worrying issues with the current outlook for the area that I believe was down to a weak and misguided Leadership from the local Councilors in our Ward.  It is my firm belief that the residents of Tudhoe have been ignored by the previous Labour stronghold and deserve fair and effective representation.

I am involved in challenging unfair Covenants being charged on new estates, pushing for landowners who have been granted Planning Permissions to honour their promises to home buyers and various other issues that appear to be unfairly ignored by our current Councillors.

My first aim is to challenge all new Planning Applications for new build homes until an effective infrastructure is implemented.  We need another Secondary school closer to our Ward, more Doctor Surgeries, better public transport, effective traffic calming measures, more waste facilities on estates including dog waste bins, high speed Broadband to all residential areas.  We need to put an end to the current trend of developers running roughshod over the area and believing they are not responsible when things go wrong, we need to make sure if a home builder promises a buyer something then they deliver and don’t renege on that promise once they have sold the properties.  I want to see Council land being fairly and openly advertised when it comes up for sale and the best buyer being selected on merit and how they can benefit the area rather than the highest bid or simply because of who they know.

Let’s make sure that Spennymoor doesn’t become a “Commuter Town” bereft of local businesses and no local job prospects for our residents, this is our chance to stand united and maintain the proud heritage of the area.  We need to act now to maintain the character of our Town, beautiful buildings and greenland areas have been swiftly destroyed before a fair challenge could be raised to save them and no valid reasons have been given. How many more buildings and open spaces do we have to lose before action is taken?

Thank you all for your support in the Elections.  I am always contactable and look forward to meeting many of you over the coming years.