Cllr Neil Grayson

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I was born in Spennymoor, where I have lived most of my life. I am married with three young children who all go to the town’s schools. Currently self-employed and have been for many  years, working in and around Spennymoor.

Being a local artist, Spennymoor’s history and heritage features a lot in my paintings and is a topic I am very passionate about. I believe Spennymoor’s iconic buildings should be saved instead of being allowed to be demolished to make way for more houses, houses that are being built without green spaces and play areas for the children that will live on these new developments; also they are often adjacent to very busy roads without adequate safe  crossing points.

Having three school age children, I care greatly about our education system that exists in the town, that it is  improved, not placed under pressure from the current house building agendas from local councils .  The infrastructure in and around the town is not adequate enough to deal with the current population boom, this needs to be addressed.
Recent years have seen the continuing downward spiral of Festival Walk. The ruling  Labour  Town Council have overlooked  the ailing shopping precinct for years , the Town deserves better. The Town’s people and its children should feel proud walking through the town centre.  If voted into local government Festival Walk would be my main priority, it needs turning around and improving for the good of the town and its people.

With your help, I want to change the dynamics of the way our town makes decisions. Spennymoor Town Council needs people who will put local needs before Party Politics.

Together, we would like to engage with local people of all ages and backgrounds in changing our area for the better while reinstating openness, honesty and accountability into local government. Our differing backgrounds bring together a great combination of skills and knowledge that you can trust to have no political affiliations, no toeing of party lines and no hidden agendas. You can trust us to work for you. From new home owners to private renters, on every street addressing every concern, we commit to being your representatives without bias to make the changes that will make Spennymoor a better place for us all.

Neil Grayson