Cllr Judith Machin

judith1I was born, went to school, married, brought up 2 children and have lived in Spennymoor all my life.  My son and his wife live in Spennymoor and we care for their twins, our 4 year old grandchildren who go to nursery school in Spennymoor.

Whilst working I was a Library Manager, responsible for running 5 local libraries, initially in East Durham, then in South Durham, based in Spennymoor. During this time I worked very closely with many local organisations and Durham County Council
Groups.  I have served on many teams, helping to initiate, arrange and fund numerous events over many years – village fairs, folk festivals, charity events, serving as a school governor. I enjoy working with people and on community activities, fund raising and pulling together bids to various organisations to provide match funding etc

I completed a 1 year PGSE in 2010, thinking that I would have time to teach once retired.  In practice I helped children with literacy and reading at local special needs schools for 2 years, until family care became too much.  I retired in 2011 to help my daughter with our first grandson and to care for my parents who lived in St Andrews Road. 
Following my parents deaths,  I volunteer for several organisations – part time in St Cuthberts Spennymoor charity shop, on the committee of “Brighter Skies” – the only Alzheimer Research UK support group in the North East, and raise funds for Marie Curie.  I am also a mentor with the Princes Trust helping Young People, 18-30, into work, volunteering, education and training.  My contribution is fund raising, interview training and mentoring Young People.
In every role within the Library service, in local community activities, in local charity and voluntary work,  success is always about caring and helping people – the public,  local groups, children with literacy, older people like my parents with medical and social care.  I was fortunate to work alongside some great people from all walks of life and I learned the absolute importance of people and teamwork in everything we do.
I am proud to be a member of the Spennymoor Independents team, striving to put people before politics,  and do the best that we can for the people of Spennymoor..
Vote for change, vote Spennymoor Independent.