Cllr Alice Smith

ALICE SMITH 01388 205722

I, like Neil and Ian was born and have lived my life in Spennymoor bringing up 2 children and now the proud grandmother of four grandchildren. Being from a family of six children, my sisters and brothers together with their families still live and love Spennymoor.

I am not a politician and that, is where I see the strength of the Independent Group. We care about people and our town, we care about friends and neighbours.

From my younger days as a barmaid in the County and Spennymoor Club, to working on the lines at Electrolux and Ness, friendships and relationships together with community values mean so much to me. I now work in the Chemistry Department as a Lab Assistant at Durham University.

Having lived on Bessemer Park, Tudhoe Moor and York Hill, the changes over the years have not always been for the best. I’m sure you will agree that decisions made in the past could have been better. The new Town Clerk has said her priority is Spennymoor and I hope you’ll agree that a change within Spennymoor Town Council away from party politics to a council that loves and cares for Spennymoor can go a long way to making our love of the town and our love of our communities become a reality. How over £1 million is spent by the council and how we fairly and honestly do all we can for communities matters to us all.

The Spennymoor Independent Logo is a symbol of trust, accountability and my promise to listen and to help wherever I can. I promise to speak out and address your concerns. Together with all our candidates, we have a wide range of knowledge and experience. We care to help you and we also care to cross the ward lines to help each other. Working with Spennymoor Independent Group County Councillors, we have the opportunity to work together to make a real difference. Of course the choice is yours so I ask for your vote for myself and all the other Spennymoor Independent Candidates.

Alice (Ally) Smith