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Born in Lancaster, my down to earth, straight talking manner comes from a good comprehensive school education and a family who played an active part in the community.

I am proud of having spent my late teens and twenties in the Royal Air Force, and feel that this has instilled in me the benefits of comradeship, the advantages of close communities and the understanding of respect, together with the foresight to see positive education for the youth as investing in the future.

Presently I work at Durham Universities Collingwood College, am the Vice Chairman of the Spennymoor Town Police and Communities Together (PACT), and a local charity and community volunteer, whilst also studying a combined social sciences degree. I live with my partner who brought me here to her family town, where her two brothers and two sisters, numerous nieces and nephews, children and grandchildren were born, live, work, educate and raise their families.

I believe that changes at Spennymoor Town Council and Durham County Council with representation from the Spennymoor Independent Group Candidates can improve not only our town and our lives but also the way in which decisions are made. I have and continue to campaign for power to be in the hands of communities. Officers of the council are there to implement the wishes of the people and representatives are there to listen and speak out for the people that elected them. Together with Neil and others, we played an active part in opposing the closure of Durham Road School, petitioned for the cemetery gates to be locked, worked with Cllr. Geoff Darkes on issues of street lighting and feeling safe, have been vocal on the state of festival walk, worked with Cllr. Kevin Thompson to help with parking issues and street infrastructure.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been keen to look at safe routes to schools and the town. Can we, with only 1 secondary school do anything to encourage people to walk or cycle? Is air quality a problem? And what can be done with the town centre. I have my own suggestions here on the blog – “Changing Places” and welcome any other suggestion or feedback.

As part of the election campaign in February 2016, I worked with Cllr Kevin Thompson to help the people of St Pauls Gardens, addressing the parking issues with additional parking areas and fence protection to grassed areas. This work was completed by DCC in Feb 2017.

I am presently working with Durham Energy Institute and Durham University Geography Department on a project to explore the use of mine water under the town to provide sustainable heating for homes and businesses.

It is very recently that I have been in contact with Durham County Council Environmental department and Durham University to look at a study of air quality around schools at drop off and pick up times with a view to providing information to parents should levels be harmful to childrens health.

Without party lines and with a team that have the willingness to work together  who see our communities as our future, I hope you will see the Spennymoor Independent logo as a team you  can trust, as people who care and as strong Independent candidates who will stand up and fight for your priorities. I ask for your vote and your support of the Spennymoor Independent Group to put decision making back into the hands of our local communities.

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Alan Gardner