Positive reasons to Vote Spennymoor Independent on – 4th May 2017


• Unlike the Labour Party, ALL of our candidates can be contacted directly without first having their calls vetoed by the “Leader of the Majority Group”. We publish our telephone numbers on the Spennymoor Independents website and many of our leaflets.

• A Labour controlled Spennymoor Town Council will not challenge DCC on any issue affecting our town which opposes Labour Party policy. We have no such Party ties and will always act in the best interest of the Town.

• We will highlight the lack of investment in our Town through our willingness to voice concerns over the continuous building of new private homes when Primary school places, health clinics, traffic and lack of vehicle parking together with Festival Walk are major issues.

• We will stand up to the developers of Durhamgate over the delays to the promised Retail area and Green Spine. We will demand a full explanation into the reason for such delays. The current Labour Council have been weak on this issue and allowed the developer to run roughshod in the area.

• The current Labour controlled Town Council have spent tens of thousands of pounds of public money in numerous legal and litigation case costs including many gagging orders. At the same time the Spennymoor Labour Party knowingly hid financial irregularities from the Audit Committee and only owned up to these issues when forced to do so by an External Auditor. We believe in openness and transparency and will strive to reduce these costs and failings by ridding the current air of secrecy that currently blights the Town Hall.

master-plan• The current Labour controlled Town Council have ignored repeated requests to introduce a Capital Maintenance or Asset Management Plan for years. Because of this they have had to borrow £400,000 with added capital interest to partially finance an urgent buildings and maintenance programme at the taxpayers expense (overall project cost c. £750,000). to finance an urgent building & maintenance repair programme at the taxpayers expense. Any possible savings are unlikely to be realised and if allowed to go unchecked the current maintenance contract will spiral out of control unchallenged. Spennymoor Town Council have given several contracts out for work without first tendering for the best price. As part of these ongoing works the current contracts have mostly gone to Companies outside of our area and all but one of the employees are from outside of Spennymoor.

• Labour have Ignored heartfelt public opinion regarding potential vandalism related to the decision to leave the Cemetery gates unlocked at night. If elected we will reinstate the nightly closure of all Cemetery gates.

• Play Areas are essential for our Children. When Persimmon Homes decided to renege on the agreement to install a Play Area at Watson park our County Councillors made a less than acceptable effort to intervene. The decision was opposed by over 33% of the estate with only one household being in favour of the removal, yet the Council accepted a delegated decision rather than asking for a full Planning Meeting.

• We believe that owning an Allotment should be an enjoyable, stress free and rewarding experience. The current Council are failing our 700 Allotment holders by refusing to follow the rules set down in their own Tenancy Agreement. If elected we will address all issues as a priority, starting by calling an AGM of allotment holders within the first three months.

democrecy• The ruling Labour Party have time and again made decisions behind closed doors without the correct authority. The most recent was the renaming of the Memorial Room within the Town Hall. They operate an overly strict exclusion of public and press policy during the Town Meetings to deliberately keep unpopular items from Public scrutiny. As part of a more open and transparent Council, we will ensure all decisions that effect the residents of Spennymoor are discussed openly and are allowed to be scrutinised fairly.

We believe that GETTING THE JOB DONE is more important than photo opportunities for the Press.

Can you say that about certain current Councillors?

Only YOU can make the change. Use your vote on May 4th and demand a fairer deal for Spennymoor.

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