Vote Spennymoor Independent for Durham County Council


• In 2015 the Labour Controlled Durham County Council demolished Tudhoe Grange School despite enormous public protests from the people of Spennymoor and surrounding areas. Not only was this building once an essential part of our School infrastructure it was also one of the most beautiful structures in our Town. For over two years now we have been left with a wasteland bereft of any real purpose. Prior to demolition a cost study for essential repairs was carried out by Durham County Council which unfortunately sealed the fate of the School. This study has since been cross examined and shown to have been overestimated by over £3 million pounds. If elected in May our Councillors will strive to protect all of our remaining historical buildings and ensure that all estimates for repairs and maintenance are cross examined prior to any decisions being made.

• The current Labour controlled Council have closed 12 Nursing Homes and 37 Day Centres for the Disabled and Elderly, they have used the excuse of austerity due to Central Government cuts. However in that time they chose to write off £3.5 million debt which was owed by Durham County Cricket Club and hugely increased the financial reserves held by the Council.

• In 2016 the Durham controlled Labour Party ruled to close the much loved Durham Light Infantry Museum despite huge protests Nationally. Some of the reasons given by the Council was the location wasn’t easily accessible and the overheads involved were unsustainable. Durham County Council made the decision to move the items to a warehouse in Spennymoor, far less accessible to most people within the County and it was later revealed that the costs for storing the items at the new location were actually higher than they were at the Museum. Not only does this show a complete disregard for public opinion and finances, but it shows a disgraceful lack of respect towards our fallen and their families who regularly used the grounds of the Museum as a place of solace and reflection.

• All Labour County Councillors in Spennymoor voted to sack our Teaching Assistants and rehire them on an enforced and inferior contract when the TA’s refused to accept a 23% pay cut. If elected, no County Councillor from Spennymoor Independents will vote to enforce any change in contract nor rule to terminate TA contracts.

• Windlestone Hall was sold by the Labour controlled Durham County Council to a convicted fraudster for £241,000, less than the price of a new home on Eve Lane in Durhamgate. Three years later and following several embarrassing TV documentaries this historical building is back on the market in a state of disrepair for £850,000.

• Thinford Roundabout was allowed to go £5 million pounds over budget and six months over schedule. Once again this shows the lack of financial control that Durham County Council have over projects and planning.

• With over 2000 new homes being planned for Spennymoor, Durham County Council have significantly increased income from Council Tax revenue from our Town along with the bonuses given from the Government via the New Homes Bonus Scheme. Although we are desperate for new Schools to accommodate this rapid growth we have simply been given a small extension to some Primary Schools. We believe this is nothing more than an “Elastoplast Strategy” and we will lobby for a complete new School to be built. We will push to ensure that a fair proportion of funds are directed back towards Spennymoor for investment in our struggling infrastructure.

• Although the income generated from new homes and families within Spennymoor has massively increased during this past four years, Durham County Council  have chosen to cut funding to our Community Centres and make many Outreach Workers redundant. This means we have a situation whereby we have more Children in the area with less to do socially due to the reduction in Youth Clubs and Outreach Centres. We believe this is a major factor in the increase in Anti Social Behaviour within our Town and it is something we intend to address as a matter of urgency.

We as a Town need County Councillors who will challenge these decisions and who will act in our best interests regardless of Party Politics.

A vote for Spennymoor Independents is a vote for a better Spennymoor.