The Spennymoor Independents would like to make clear what we are and where we stand.

We are not a political party.  

Please read on since there appears to be some misunderstanding locally about how the group operates. Having a logo registered with the electoral commission which can be used on the ballot paper, means the category of political party needs be applied so legally the entity is a party. This is purely so we can be recognised easily and the work we do can be identified. We certainly do not run in the same manner as the mainstream political parties. We are all Independent people with views from right across the political spectrum.

We are like minded individuals from far reaching ends of the social and economic spectrum who have collaborative goals in that we agree to serve our communities.

We work for you in our passion to:

  1. Rid the political parties ethos from local decision making which serves no local benefit.
  2. Reduce inequality at every level.
  3. Build communities for everyone to make all of us proud of our town and care for our town.
  4. Give the best services we can, equally divided to all in the township within financial constraints.
  5. Make ourselves available to be a voice for everyone.
  6. Be open, honest, accountable – ambassadors of transparency so you can see exactly what your town council is doing and how it is spending your council tax.
  7.  Take the lead in being technologically forward thinking so you do not need to rely on rumours but can see first hand the workings of the council.
  8. Be socially responsible to all in our communities. We understand the specific needs of the old and vulnerable whilst appreciate the future of our town is with the youth.
  9. Highlight the lack of investment in our town through our willingness to voice concerns over the continuous building of new private homes when Primary school places, health clinics, traffic and lack of vehicle parking together with Festival Walk are major issues.

Our passion is people, our friends, our neighbours and our communities who equally deserve to be represented.

We make no promises but make a commitment to you that we will serve you with the drive and conviction that Independent Councillors have given this town for many years.

For a personal chat, please drop a message to your local councillor and we will be in touch at the earliest opportunity to discuss any issue.