As part of the final stage of technical work and prior to any contract discussion there will be contractors on the Festival Walk site over the next few days to undertake ground investigations, looking at the location of underground cabling and gas pipes to assist in pre-planning preparation work for this site.

Work to finalise the various applications has been progressing and subject to the ground investigations having completed, anticipated within a period of 2-3 weeks, we hope to be able to confirm future timescales for the promised pre-planning consultations when members of the public will be fully involved and given the opportunity to present their views on any future development of this site.

In an earlier update it was advised that due to the complexities of this site and the number of partners involved, all partners will be fully engaged with the pre-planning process and involvement with pubic consultations.

A further update will be provided in the next two-three weeks.

Liz Maddison
For and on behalf of County Councillors, Neil Grayson, Alan Gardner, Geoff Darkes, Kevin Thompson, Liz Maddison

One comment

  1. It’s about time! It’s an absolute eyesore! God knows what people coming to Spennymoor for the first time think.It should never have been built.


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