Not just more new home sites for Spennymoor, DCC Planning are now approving a 25% increase in the number of homes on existing approved sites.

A meeting of the Durham County Council Planning Committee at County Hall met yesterday to consider an amended planning  application from the developer Barratts to increase the number of properties on Phase 5 of their development by 25% , i.e. from a total of 185 to 230 homes.

Despite, verbal statements made at the meeting from local DCC County Councillors Liz Maddison, Kevin Thompson, Alan Gardner and Geoff Darkes as well as written objections from some Councillors, related to 

+ the large increase in site density, 

+ the increased parking congestion which would ensue on the main site through road from Whitworth Lane to Carr Lane, Greenways Estate, 

+ the major concern over surface water site drainage,


the Labour Party majority Chair’s vote was used to pass the application due to the split vote for/against the amended application.

The Planning Officer present stated that the site density would be at the higher end of the permitted scale and the officer from the highways department said “hopefully” resident parking on the main site through road would not be a problem!  The planning department did however agree to work closely with Northumbrian Water to ensure that the drainage plan would meet agreed planning policy conditions previously agreed for the whole site to satisfy the issues on surface water and drainage that were highlighted at this planning meeting.

The original planning approval for this site was passed just after the Unitary Authority took over from Sedgefield Borough Council.

At the start of the first build on Phase 3A a new roundabout will be installed on Carr Lane to connect the through road.

No town infrastructure investment, but DCC will allow an increase of 25% more homes on one site, we rest our case.  

For and on behalf of County Councillors, Geoff Darkes, Kevin Thompson, Alan Gardner, Neil Grayson, Liz Maddison

One comment

  1. The developers get their way with these new developments while the town centre continues to decline with the now almost empty Festival Walk, the North Eastern site and others. I don’t see why, before granting planning consents to develop green field sites for more housing, we don’t attach conditions such as to make them build new health centres, schools, roads and clean up some of the town’s eyesores. At least then they’d be forced to improve the fabric and infrastructure of the area in return for swelling their shareholder’s incomes. I’m afraid I smell corruption and cronyism at work.


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