Winter Is Back. Salt for Residents

In anticipation of bad weather conditions your 5 County Councillors for Spennymoor and Middlestone and Tudhoe have this year piloted a scheme for 1 tonne Salt bags to be left at 7 key locations across the town (was 9) where in the past walking and driving conditions have been a problem due to snow and ice and where salt bins have not previously been provided.

Funding for these has been arranged through each County Councillor’s Member Initiative Fund from Durham County Council.

A 1 tonne Salt bag was left at Cragside Close, Spennymoor, two weeks ago but has been stolen and unfortunately can not now be replaced.

A review of this pilot scheme will be completed in the second quarter of 2018 in preparation for further winter planning for the end of 2018.

Durham County Council announced at the Council meeting held on 21st February that due to unprecedented winter weather conditions they had gone through 35,000 tonnes of salt in the last few months, and above current stock have placed an order for a further 16,000 tonnes of salt.  This usage is over and above the previous year’s winter usage tonnes. Your County Councillors have tried to anticipate some potential winter weather difficulties by providing these salt bags in our Town.

Teams from Highways have been working day and night to keep priority roads gritted to minimize disruption and ensure everyone is as safe as possible – and we thank them for this.

Winter maintenance gritting routes can be found at

You can also keep up to date with the latest met office forecast by going to

Please keep safe.

Salt bags have been left at the following locations:

Tudhoe Moor

Meadow Green

Deneside/Grange Road


Primrose Close/Bluebell Drive

Broom Street/Fenwick Street

Ox Close


Liz Maddison

For and on behalf of County Councillors, Alan Gardner, Neil Grayson, Kevin Thompson, Geoff Darkes, Liz Maddison


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