Festival Walk – Spennymoor is our priority.

As we have reported previously, Spennymoor Independents are keen to see progress with the promised regeneration of Festival Walk.  Many meetings have taken place with DCC officers, with the latest being the week before Christmas.

Whilst very little has changed since our last update we can report that DCC has reported progress with their part of  masterplan negotiations.  They also are continuing to work closely with regeneration partners to bring the overall scheme to the next stage of pre planning negotiations. There will be a further update on this early in the new year.

Meanwhile, the project is still live and all partners are still on board.

As soon as the pre planning scheme is in place a public consultation event will be held locally to inform, and seek, residents views on the proposals.

Meanwhile, we continue to work with officers to clean and spruce up a number of areas of our town that have been allowed to deteriorate over many years.  We hope that some of this has been visible in our actions to drive change.

We wish all residents a happy and healthy New Year and hope that 2018 will see a scheme in place that will bring new life into our Town Centre and the heart of our community.

County Councillors, Liz Maddison, Kevin Thompson, Geoff Darkes, Alan Gardner, Neil Grayson

One comment

  1. Any progress on this hideous eyesore is of course welcome but I wonder how much has been spent to date on officer’s time and other expenses, having meetings about meetings etc. and not actually moving forward. Forgive my cynicism but it seems that there are plenty of reasons put forward as to why the project is taking so long rather than creating a can-do approach and making something positive happen.
    On a wider note I think we probably have to re-think our approach to town centres as the demand for smaller retail outlets has largely been killed off by online shopping and out of town retail parks such as Tindale. Newgate Street in BA is a classic example of this but there are many others throughout the country.


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