Dean Lane / Green Lane Development

In January 2017 work started on the corner plot on Green Lane / Dean Lane following almost 4 years of a once beautiful but small area of grassland being fenced off and decimated with trees that were known to house Bats being cut down needlessly.

Plans on the DCC Planning Portal were only for the large house on Plot 1, however the CAD drawings indicated two further homes on Plot 2 that were potentially earmarked as the next phase.

This month (September 2017) the plans have appeared on the DCC Planning Portal for these 2 houses and I, along with a large number of the residents of the area have very deep concerns about this ongoing development and urge Durham County Council to seriously consider rejecting these plans or at the very least putting stringent regulations on the developers to give the neighbouring residents some deserved respite from the ongoing misery that is being caused by the works on Plot 1.

Below I will list my concerns and the concerns of residents that have been forwarded on to me, as you can see the Developers on this plot have simply ran roughshod over the area with little to no consideration for existing homeowners.

  1. Plot 1 has now been under construction for almost ten months and is still not at the second floor level, residents are having to live with the daily eyesore of this ongoing debacle and house prices are being significantly affected. Concerns have been raised regarding the height of the first floor, these concerns have still not been addressed or answered.
  2. A water main has already been burst on the development, although its fully appreciated that this was due to the plans for the routing being incorrect the mess that resulted down Green Lane was simply left.  Once again an indication of zero consideration being given to residents.
  3. A footpath that linked Dean Lane to Watson Park was removed when the area was fenced off and not replaced for FOUR years depite numerous complaints.
  4. The Coal Authority asked for specific works to be carried out on the area prior to construction of Plot 1 due to shallow mine works, a letter posted on the DCC Planning Portal shows that either this work was not carried out or not reported back as being completed.  Surely this is a major indication of the “Carry on regardless” attitude that is being adopted on this site.
  5. Since January residents have had to put up with unsociable working hours from the site including cutting of concrete feet from their front doors at 10pm on weekday evenings, construction starting at 7am on weekends and continuing late into the afternoon with loud music and plant disturbing peoples rest time and having an effect on Schoolchildrens sleeping times midweek.  DCC have put no restrictions on working hours and given no consideration to homeowners with young families.
  6. Residents have witnessed unsafe working practices and provided video evidence, including the pulling down of a tree using an excavator while branches were flying on to the road way and footpaths with no thought being given to public safety.
  7. The road on Dean Lane has now been dug up three times and more is planned, causing significant disruption to traffic.  A badly managed temporary path is making the area impassable and the traffic diversion that is put in place uses Eve Lane, a road that by DCCs own admission has not yet even been adopted.  This road has many young families moving in and putting this much diverted traffic through it is simply an accident waiting to happen.
  8. Houses on Watson Park directly facing the development will have very little natural light during the daytimes due to the location of the new properties. As a result house prices have suffered and no one has given any feedback or listened to concerns from the affected homeowners.
  9. The two new proposed homes are not in keeping with the style of homes on Watson Park, Green Lane or Dean Lane and will simply look like an afterthought.
  10. Traffic flow on Dean Lane is now at a level where accidents ARE happening.  With the ongoing works at The Acorns development and the failure of the developers to stop traffic from Green Lane Industrial Estate cutting across the grass to shortcut through the estate this new development will only further serve to add to the potential for someone to be hurt.

I would encourage anyone with an objection to these plans to register their concerns on the DCC Planning Portal or by emailing the DCC Planning Department on the links below. I appreciate that this area has been earmarked for more homes, however the general impression is that the plans are completely unsuitable and the historical bad management and delays of Plot 1 and the Durhamgate development in general needs to be seriously looked into before more permission to build is considered.

Link to application

Email address for Planning Dept.

Cllr Paul Humble

Tudhoe Ward

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