Teaching Assistants – What is happening?


Many will be aware of a report regarding Teaching Assistants being brought forward to Durham County Council (DCC) – full council meeting on Wednesday 20th September. Your Spennymoor Indepependent County Councillors are extremley concerned that for the second time, DCC are not bringing forward this report with sufficient enough time for us to digest the content and have conversations over its content and its effects on local teaching assistant. With 3 working days to go we still have no sight of the report or notice of its content.

We have made our voices heard to the Chief Exec, Terry Colins together with Legal and Democratic Services, that in not allowing sufficient time they are not allowing us to do the job we are elected to do.

Our stance has been to ask for the report to be brought either to a later meeting or for an extraordinary meeting to be held at a later date having given us sufficient time to talk with Teaching Assistants and the residents of Spennymoor. Considerable support from Councillors across County Durham have been given to this proposal which was brought forward by Liberal Democrat Mark Wilkes.

Once again, not only is DCC Labour looking to hamper democracy but they also through having the majority in the chamber, will ensure time for complains are restricted and the report will be forced through. 

Our teaching assistants are essential and a valuable asset to the education of our young people. We continue to give them 100% support and will make all necessary representation to work for a fair and just outcome.

The very moment this report is released, we will be taking to social media, asking that as many teaching assistants across the township, get in touch and give us their opinions.

Your Spennymoor Independent County Councillors
Liz Maddison, Kevin Thompson, Geoff Darkes, Alan Gardner and Neil Grayson.

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