Human Resources Support Panel meeting, Wednesday, 7th June 2017

Human-ResourceToday’s meeting of the Human Resources Support Panel, comprising 4 Councillors, appointed at our recent Annual Meeting, was called to discuss a number of private and confidential issues under the remit of this Committee that fall under the rules of data protection and confidentiality.

As appointed Chair of this Committee I exercised the Council’s rights to exclude members of the press and public at the appropriate part of the agenda.  This exclusion also applies to any Councillor not appointed to this Committee, who because of the confidential nature of discussions, have no more rights than a member of the public to be present at any discussions.  Cllr. Geldard and Cllr.Foster attended as observers of this Committee until the point when the motion to exclude press and public was presented when they were then requested to leave the meeting.  Cllr. Geldard is fully aware of these rules as he has exercised similar rights at meetings he has chaired in the past.

At no point during the early part of this meeting up to the time that Cllr. Geldard and Cllr. Foster were asked to leave the meeting, was I, or any other member of this committee, made aware by them that remarks were being taped with the intention to post them on to social media.  I was courteous in my request for both Councillors to leave the meeting, so am surprised, and disappointed, that a fellow Councillor would deliberately record and post conversations without my knowledge, in an attempt to undermine the integrity of this panel of members.

Liz Maddison, Chair of Human Resources Support Panel

Spennymoor Independents Group

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