A Week in Councillor Clive Maddisons Diary.

IMG_20170604_193120Mayor and Deputy Mayor duties – Spennymoor Town Council


This week I was directed by the Town Hall office to undertake ceremonial duties in my position as Deputy Mayor in the absence of our Town Mayor.  It was a pleasure to be able to represent the Council on both occasions.

On Thursday 1st June I attended the unveiling of a seat to celebrate the life of Carmel Connolly who died in January 2017.

Carmel was a lady who was well respected in Spennymoor.  She was awarded the Durham County Council Chairman’s medal for her charity work.  Carmel joined the RAF in her twenties and served in World War II and was associated with the RAF until she died at the age of 105.

Carmel lived in Glaisdale, Spennymoor, the next street to mine.  I would see her regularly in her RAF uniform and beret selling wings badges for her charity.  It was nice to talk to Shaun and Elaine her next door neighbours, remembering some of the good times they spent with her.  This lady was a real legend, collecting for the Poppy Appel in Asda at the age of 104.   2017 was a sad year to loose such a lovely lady.  The seat is located in a peaceful spot in Jubilee Park looking down onto the bowling green and the park beyond.


On Friday, 2nd June, I visited Andrew (Andy) Grey on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Andy is a warm, sincere, gentleman who made me very welcome.  He is very astute and talked about his mining days and the time he was Mayor for Sedgefield Borough Council where he was also a Borough Councillor.  He was a pleasure to listen to.  He knew everything about the local elections. It was interesting to listen to him and GeorgeTeasdale talking about Norman Cornish.  Spennymoor has some lovely people.


Clive Maddison, Deputy Mayor

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