Who is REALLY in charge?

Over the past few weeks, since announcing I was going to stand as a Candidate for Town Councillor I have been fortunate enough to meet some very knowledgeable, friendly, hard working and caring people while out and about on my travels.  Meeting such a varied slice of the Spennymoor Town residents has given me a heightened respect for the people of this Town and made me realise even more that they simply aren’t getting a fair representation from the current elected Councillors.

I have realised after several of these discussions that the current Councillors in Tudhoe Ward appear to believe that THEY know best and make decisions based upon that assumption when in fact the real experts in all matters of our Ward are the Ward Constituents themselves.  Too often it appears that decisions are made behind closed doors long before a “Public Consultation” is even announced and the act of asking the residents is merely a “Lip Service” with no real sustenance or care as to what the outcome reveals.

One example I can give straight away is a Public owned section of land with beautiful trees and foliage local to me having a drop kerb installed before it was even advertised as being for sale, the land was fenced off by a private company but DCC refused to tell anyone who actually owned the fence, all the while the Land still belonged to DCC. Shortly after the drop kerb was installed a set of plans for two large houses popped up on Durham County Councils Planning Portal and amazingly the drop kerb fitted just nicely where the driveway was going to be for one of the houses.  This is a perfect example of how the Planning Application is so often just a formality with no care for residents opinions or concerns and the people in charge believing that THEY know best..

We have so much experience we can draw on from within our own Community yet time and again we are ignored, its time to ask ourselves “Who Is Really In Charge?”

On May 4th vote for change, vote for transparency and vote to take back control.IMG_1779 copy

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