Candidate Clive Maddison

Low Spennymoor and Tudhoe Grange




clive1Tudhoe Grange has 6 Councillors representing them, but they have over 1100 less people than the Spennymoor Ward, which also has 6 Councillors.  Boundary changes 4 years ago removed Ox Close and Mayfields from the Tudhoe Grange Ward and placed them in the Spennymoor Ward.   It is not fair to have such a discrepancy between Wards and this needs to be sorted out following our May 2017 election.

The Tudhoe Grange Ward has no play areas or Community Centres under Town Council control, so not much money is spent in this area.  Cow Plantation, a place of natural beauty was neglected; it is just starting to get some attention.

The Durham Road site should have a new infants school built on it.  I would not be surprised if after the election the land is sold for houses if Labour retains control of the County Council.

The allotments at Merrington Lane have been neglected.  The Day Centre at St. Andrew’s Road remains unoccupied; how long will they stay like this?  Like the North Eastern and Festival Walk; nothing seems to be happening, only talk.

Vote for Change.  We will speak up.  Watch the Town Council videos and see who never speaks or attends.


Candidate for Low Spennymoor and Tudhoe Grange Ward

Spennymoor Independents

March 2017

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