Hello From Me!

Well, this is all new to me!  Ive never written a blog post before and I have never run for a Town Council position.

Let me start by saying “Politics is Boring!”  I honestly struggle to sit through any interview with any of the main MPs in Parliament simply because all the items they discuss are geographically too far from my home, normally don’t effect me and I cant change the decisions they make anyway!  Thats the way I have thought now for my 40 years on this planet of ours, this has started to change since I moved to Spennymoor (but not much).

I live on the Durhamgate Estate, we moved here because of family ties in Ferryhill without really researching the area or the history of Spennymoor.  Since moving here I have become disillusioned with the current Councillors ignoring the questions put to them by new members of the community who they have encouraged to move here and as a result I have found myself meeting with some very interesting and strong willed people from our Town.  This passion I have seen and has made me realise that this Town really deserves better than it is currently getting and has the potential to be a great family location.

The current outlook for Spennymoor appears to be for it to become a ‘Commuter Town” where people live but not work.  In my opinion this is ludicrous as not everyone in society can either drive, or afford to drive.  This leaves large numbers of hard working people on the scrap heap through no fault of their own and a Town where people strive to leave.  The question needs to be asked “why are homes more important than Industry in Spennymoor?”  I genuinely believe the answer is simply down to the amount of Council Tax Durham County Council can get out of 2000+ new homes being more valuable and guaranteed than the unreliable rates they would receive from new businesses.

Why do our current Council see fit to allow a Hotel and Car Showroom to be built on the Durhamgate North Site near the Coach and Horses when this site would be perfect for a Call Centre?  How many of us believe this area will eventually end up being new houses? If a we tried to attract a Call Centre to our area it would give local people a good income, it would mean people who didnt drive could still earn a living and it would even encourage people to the area rather than pushing them away to work.  I appreciate that not everyone wants to work in such an industry but this is just an example of what could be achieved if people were put first rather than taxes.

Im reliably informed that Black and Decker were leaving regardless of what happened with Durhamgate, I cant comment on what was attempted to encourage more industry on to the site as I simply dont know.  However, I really believe its not too late to change this trend and make sure Spennymoor doesn’t get the unwanted tag of “Commuter Town”.

In May we have the chance to put a whole new Independent Parish Council in place.  A Council who don’t have to toe the Party line and who can act in the best interests of Spennymoor.

If you want to see change, then make the change happen on May 4th!



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