Independents are not alone.

Posted and the personal opinions of Alan Gardner – candidate for Spennymoor Independents for the Tudhoe Ward of the Durham County Council.

cropped-logo.pngAll of us at some time or other have looked and thought of how we would be as a lone independent. The question asked critically brings distinct advantages to being part of a group.

As a group member, the opportunities to be the best you can be far outweigh the lone independent. Together we draw on life experiences and knowledge from the broadest sections of society. Each with specialist knowledge ranging from industry to public services, health and education together with living in all areas of the town and of all age groups, we gain the advantage from being able to discuss with each other differing issues and help each other right across the town.

With home and work commitments, we are able to work together to ensure critical meetings at the County Council are attended by the maximum number of people. We are not and do not intend to be full time politicians. We stand as representatives of the people, our communities at heart and our town as top priority.

Casework is an important part of helping our communities. As a team we can come together with all our experiences to get more done for more people. A lone worker has everything to do themselves. The challenges of going alone and proving to the maximum numbers in our communities that a good job for the most number of people is being done is strictly limited.

Let’s remember, we live in a political system which is hundreds of years old. The electoral commission have only one way to show a group of people who which to pool resources and work together. That way is register as a political Party. The problem for people with this system is there is no difference shown between a political party with membership and rules and groups with no membership and no line to toe.

Across County Durham, community groups have formed to challenge the old party system. Standing as independent groups, they like us have seen the advantages of working together for their communities. Not only have these groups come together locally but also with other groups like ours, the Derwentside Independents, Seaham Community Party, Haswell Community and others to work together across County Durham.

The will of the independent groups is to do the best for their local communities and care of wider implications such as the importance of us in Spennymoor working with other local towns where people have family, friends and work.

We have proven as people that we have the skills to work together, to have a voice and more importantly, we are able to listen and make valued judgements. I am personally very proud of the Spennymoor Independents achievements with limited numbers of the past. This election period has brought into the group a team of highly motivated and skilled people. The future for Spennymoor looks bright in every area of the town should you choose to offer us your support.

We hope our communities also sees those advantages and see our logo as a the symbol of community unity, a symbol of trust and hope for Spennymoor and for County Durham.

Alan Gardner.


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