Changing Spaces

We all have thoughts as to how we make Spennymoor Better. We all wonder what can be done and if anything will be done. Years of thinking about Festival Walk, the condition or the roads, parking and generally getting around the town are problems we all face.

Young and Old need to be able transport themselves to where they need to be. The Doctors, the shops, to school and to work offer so many different challenges to how we can use the roads and other public spaces better.

I don’t have a solution but I do have some suggestions which I’ve outlined in the document linked to below :-

changing spaces– an approach to improving Spennymoor.

Be it for children to walk or cycle, disability scooter users, motorcyclists and car drivers, if we can make the best use of spaces, we all benefit.

I appreciate the 10 pages are a lot to read but the town has a lot to offer by way of improvement. Please pass back your comments and suggestions so together we can work for spaces and places we can all enjoy.

Alan Gardner.

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