AAP Board meeting, Thursday, 16th March 2017.

The Spennymoor Neighbourhood Plan is to be discussed at tomorrow evening’s AAP Board meeting, Thursday, 16th March 2017.  I have requested opportunity to ask the following questions and have notified these questions in advance of the meeting in accordance with procedure:-

  1. Is Festival Walk rejuvenation included in the Neighbourhood Plan and are parts of it to be demolished, and which parts? Following an answer on this I would like opportunity to ask a supplementary question.
  2. Is the Kingfisher site to be developed and for what purpose.
  3. Spennymoor has a lack of parking places. How many new parking places will be created and what steps will be taken to prevent ‘cars for sale’ occupying empty car park spots.
  4. What is the current position with regard to planning permission for the North Eastern Hotel, as parts of it are dilapidated and an eye saw and subject to vandalism. The vacant property occupies a prime location at the top of the high street.

Cllr. Liz Maddison

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