Spennymoor Town Council’s majority party interpretation of these public service qualities is spin and more spin.

Yes, the Town and County Council elections are coming in May 2017 and the Labour spin machine is already back in town, as you can already read on the recently circulated “Labour Working Hard” election leaflet.

I should not call it an election leaflet though, when this was stated, the official reply was, “it’s a community information leaflet not an election leaflet”.

However in sentence 2 of the 1st paragraph on the leaflet, below Ian Geldard’s photograph it states quote

“ Going forward, joining current County Councillor Ian Geldard in the Labour team are new candidates Steven Jones and Elizabeth Griffiths”.

Definition of the word candidate : “person seeking a job or position”, electioneering or information, please judge for yourself?

Have you ever seen one of these “community” leaflets before and since the last Town and County elections?

The Leaflet : Re. Openness, Honesty and Transparency:-

  1. It neglected to say that Elizabeth Griffiths is not from our area, she is from Staindrop!

  2. Councillor Geldard has suddenly found it necessary to post on social media how he personally uses local town businesses, a pity however, the first Labour leaflet was not printed by our well-known local town printer, but at Craghead, Co.Durham!

  3. Ian Geldard has used his official Durham County Council email address and not his personal email address on the leaflet.

  4. Steve Jones has used his official Town Council email address and not his personal one!


Geoff Darkes

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