Twenty Miles Per Hour In Spennymoor


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Durham County Council are now consulting with two schools in Spennymoor, Rosa Street and King Street, in regards to introducing a 20 mph Part-Time Speed Limit (see map below for the roads affected). Once the consultation with the schools is complete (end of May) it will then go out to consultation with local residents, bus companies, and Spennymoor Town Council; it will be placed on the DCC Website for comment. If approved it will be introduced Oct/Nov. The council has initially given the go ahead for 33 schools in the county to have the part time speed limit, but are looking to increase that to approximately sixty.

There is also a possibility (but only after further consultation) that some of the streets nearby to these schools could have 20 mph limits placed on them or see the introduction of 20 mph zones, but only where the relevant criteria is met (shown below). I would be interested in peoples opinion as a councilor(s) can ask for any area to be reviewed. All new planning developments will be considered, and even some developments passed the application stage that only have out line planning.





20 mph Part-time Speed Limits – These involve advisory part-time flashing 20 mph signs on main/distributor roads outside of facilities for vulnerable road users such as schools that would otherwise be unsuitable for a full-time 20 mph speed limit or zone. The normal speed restriction for the road remains the legally enforceable limit.

20 mph Speed Limits – These involve 20 mph traffic signs only. They are suitable for residential estate roads and side streets, where the nature of the road tends to result in naturally low average speeds of less than 24 mph. Research indicates that limits achieve an average speed reduction of 1 mph.

20 mph Speed Limit Zone – These involve 20 mph traffic signs plus traffic calming measures to ensure that the 20 mph limit is self-enforcing. In order that drivers are aware of the zones, traffic signs must be erected at every entrance/exit to the zone. Research indicates that a 20 mph speed limit zone can result in speed reductions of around 10 mph.


Cllr .Kevin Thompson



  1. The traffic opposite north park school from st andrews round about it terrible vehicals come speading around the roundabout on a winters day when the roads are wet and the sun is low you cant see a thing. There has been quit a dew accidents on the roundabout lately the lampost is for ever getting hit. I have asked for years for some sort of calming measure to be put in. The best pwrson to speak to re this road fir the school is the school crossing petrol ( lolly pop lady )


  2. At North Park Primary we’ve been asking for traffic measures for at least 7 years. Our crossing patrol person had an incident last week when she was almost knocked over and her stick ended up on the ground. Don’t kniw how bad it has to get before they will finally look at us.


  3. I live on jubilee close, our house is on the main road off Carr lane – when it’s not busy (ie cars are not held up by the chicanes) cars absolutely fly past doing far more than the 30mph speed limit – I’m reluctant to let my son out to play due to the speed some cars fly past!


  4. All schools in spennymoor should have 20mph limits. Middlestone moor school needs extra school yellow lines on opposite side of school as most days traffic cannot pass in afternoon as you weardale buses and schoolini buses jamming traffic


  5. I lived in a city with 20mph limit in most of the residential streets. It was pilot scheme and proved to be very successful. There had been a few fatalities before the new speed limit. I think one of the reasons that it worked was because all of the 20mph road signs were designed by children with pictures and this made drivers think more and pricked their consciences a bit. I feel this has a much better effect than the chicanes which cause people to drive faster in a race to get through first! I would like the new speed limit in all residential areas.

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  6. I think all schools in Spennymoor should have a 20 mph speed limit enforced as soon as possible befor there are any serious accidents. All schools should at least have a school crossing warden as a bare minimum which is not the case at St Charles infant & junior school on the extremely busy Durham road.


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