Below is a statement I have received from the Adoption Officer at Durham County Council.

“Just to let you know that the Yuill and Bellway sections of the above (Whitworth Park) are now adopted.  The Persimmon development is not adopted yet but will be on its 12 months maintenance very shortly.  I have attached a plan showing what is now considered to be maintainable at public expense“.

The item shaded pink are the streets involved (I have hand written some of the larger streets, but it includes all the Bellway and Yuill properties). This does not include the grass verges and open spaces as dialogue is still taking place on that.

Regards Kevin Thompson



  1. I find it ironic that these developments that many people campaigned against now have to be maintained by the same people.


    • Well said Martin Jones, I agree wholeheartedly, but it really doesn’t matter what we think does it? Any consultations are just a pointless paper exercise and a waste of money.


  2. Once these developments are approved by planners, the developers build and walk away or sometimes go bust. Who then replaces lights, Keeps roads and pavements safe, cleans drains, looks after fences and shrubs, cuts the grass on open spaces. There is little choice but adoption for the residents who have little knowledge of the situation or are fed bull when the houses are built as appears to be the case with Durham Gate. Far too much land has no responsibility from anyone in Spennymoor and it becomes socially a nightmare from litter, dog foul and lack of general maintenance. Planners should get it right at the start and not leave residents to worry about it later. When planners and so called legal experts get it wrong, they still get paid at the end of the month but its the tax payer that picks up the bill long term.

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