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Yuill/Bellway/Charles Church at Whitworth Park

I recently received an enquiry in regards to mini roundabouts, and for an update on Adoptions on the Yuill/Bellway/Charles Church at Whitworth Park. I have spoken to the Durham County Council Officer responsible for the Adoption Process, and received the reply below.

Cllr Thompson,

  1. The Yuill and Bellway sections of the development will be adopted as soon as the works are completed and have undergone a satisfactory inspection.  The Yuill section of the works is just about complete and the Bellway section is expected to be completed by the end of this month.  The only outstanding issue at the moment is the link footpath through to the public right of way near Carr Street.  The hedge has been cut back to make the footpath accessible but the fence at the end has not been removed.  The reason for this being that there is a newt fence around the site and we are trying to track down the license to see if and when it can be removed.  The newt fence is approximately 450mm high so would could not be left in place.  The Charles Church section has been completed through the normal working process and not by calling in any bond money.  It will therefore have to stand for a 12 month maintenance period once it has been through an inspection.  The majority of the work is completed on this site but there are some outstanding remedial works to be done on the street lighting system.
  2. The Yuill / Bellway section will be adopted on satisfactory completion and the Charles Church section, as stated above, will be adopted following a 12 months maintenance period.
  3. The three internal roundabouts that were originally planned for the spine road were never completed although the kerbs were set back to form the inscribed circle.  The wider areas of the road were never intended to be parking bays although they have been used as such by the nearby residents.  Had the roundabouts gone in as originally shown the areas used for parking would have been part of the running lanes of the road and would need to be kept clear..  The road layout was design in the mid to late 1990’s and at the time there were different standards than exist now.  At the time of the design the centre line radius of the road (Studley Drive) would have been such that it would not be possible to have it contained within the site boundaries.  To achieve the desired results the three roundabouts were introduced into the design which allowed the radii to be tightened and the desired alignment achieved.  When the work was planned on site using the bond money in 2015 I approached Traffic Section to determine what would be needed in the way of signs and white lining for the roundabouts.  Traffic Section pointed out that under the current standards a roundabout would not be used in these three locations as the vehicle generation from the third leg would be minimal and this would increase the risk of collision with the through vehicles.  The design standards currently used (Manual for Streets) would allow for tighter radii to be specified on the main road (Studley Drive) therefore the decision was made to remove the roundabouts and form ‘T’ junctions for the minor roads.  These junctions will be white lined accordingly once all the road surfacing is complete.

If you have any further queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me


  1. Is anything being done about the state of the road (Carr Lane) opposite the entrance to Studley Drive? The road has been a disgrace for most of the year.


  2. Katherine, the junction is due, if all goes according to plan, to be made into a roundabout; it should have happened by now but the developer has have been delaying the issue. There is a meeting to-morrow at DCC to discuss the situation; prior to another approach to the developer to get them to expedite the situation. There is also a roundabout to be made at the junction of Rosedale; when these roundabouts are completed we hope to take out the chicanes. In the short term I do not think the council will commit to proper repairs but continue to patch in the manner they do when the do a quick fix. I have noticed the deterioration and was waiting to see if anything positive came out of to-morrows meeting, if we do not look like anything quick will happen I intend to try and get a repair done. Please feel free to contact me again.

    Regards Kevin


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