DCC Council Tax Increase

Durham County Council are recommending 3.99% increase in COUNCIL TAX

Most councils to implement new council tax powers

Nine in 10 English councils are set to use special new powers to impose council tax hikes of up to 4% this year, raising funds to alleviate a growing crisis in care services for the elderly and disabled. The Local Government Association (LGA) said that 143 of the 152 local authorities in England that provide social care services are either considering or have approved the precept. However, town hall leaders warned taxpayers that the £372m that could be raised may not be enough to prevent services deteriorating even further. The LGA said much of the extra income will be absorbed by the estimated £330 million cost imposed by the Government’s new national minimum wage. Councils expect that other services – such as road-works, children’s centres and libraries – could suffer as money is diverted to protect elderly care.

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