It is interesting to finally get a look at the Labour leaflet for next week’s Town Council Bye Election, and having read it pass some comments. The majority of the points they make were supported by The Spennymoor Independents; Labour pointed areas of disagreement.

THE SPENNYMOOR INDEPENDENTS AGREED WIkevinTH A 0% COUNCIL TAX. However, we would have presented it in a different way; based on the £ 400,000 Public Works Loan borrowed for asset maintenance. The management of the programme, we believe, is not value for money. The labour group would have people believe we were against the maintenance, but we understand the importance of asset maintenance, but believed there was other ways of approaching the funding of these works.

The money the council is spending belongs to the people of Spennymoor not the labour council; they have a responsibility to spend it wisely. They continue to operate without a Mid Term Financial Plan, to give financial clarity going forward; even after being advised by Auditors to do so.

COMMUNITY EVENTS are important and we agreed with the Town Show, Fireworks Display, Spennymoor and Durham Miners Gala’s; along with the Durham Brass Festival. The area of disagreement was the Party in the Park where we felt the drinking of alcohol might have led to trouble. As it turned out the extra security helped ensure it was successful.

The Spennymoor Independents always look to support and recognise Community Groups and Sports Clubs, we voted alongside the Labour group in favour of those mentioned in their leaflet.

Putting Spennymoor “On The Map” and supporting the economy through Local Business is as much of a priority to us as it is to Labour, we will continue to support the Art Galleries, and where appropriate the Mining Museum. The Mining Museum is independent of STC and must be approached as such.

The Allotments are an absolute priority and although we have agreed with the rent reduction; there has, however, been disagreement about the handling of the Self-Managed Middlestone Moor South View Allotments Site. Against our wishes they terminated the lease between STC and South View Allotments, time after time ignoring approaches to sit down to and discuss the situation. Legal activity involving allotments have cost the council substantial amounts of money and the fallout still with us could cost even more.

Going forward The Spennymoor Independents intend to try and continue working with the Majority Labour Group; for the benefit of the people of Spennymoor. It is important the Spennymoor Labour Group put Spennymoor before Party Politics; not tamely follow the demands of Durham County Council Labour Group.

Cllr. Kevin Thompson

Spennymoor Independents.


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