Election Spin.

The Labour spin doctor is in operation again, he has just published his latest fictional novel :

                        The Vote Labour Spennymoor Town Ward by-election posterfestival_maker_Geoff

Once again another Labour document which is a spin of the facts and a masterpiece of inventive words and writing, to support a candidate who has yet to attend his first Town Council meeting in the public gallery! .

I think the majority party of Spennymoor Town Council hoped the residents of the ward will have forgotten about their earlier spun press releases and the fact based replies sent on behalf of our group of Independent councillors, who have no political party whip to follow.

The labour candidate states in his poster “The Spennymoor Independents”  “have voted en-bloc against good labour ideas simply for the sake of opposing”, not a biased view and which good labour ideas would they be?

Is it the intention to borrow another £400k on top of the existing £300k loan, to help pay for the long overdue major outstanding Town Council building maintenance work. This huge cost of remedial building work is the result of the absence of an Asset Management Plan  and a Capital Budget Maintenance plan, the Town Council have only spent money on urgent asset repairs for a number of years , hence the projected capital spend required now , to bring them up to an acceptable state of repair?

Yes, the “Spennymoor Independents” did vote against this plan, ie: the methodology and  its content, the huge projected cost and fees involved, funded partly by another  projected £400k loan, but not to, the now much needed urgent building repairs as a result of non past action by the labour party!

Also a poster quote ”The labour party in Spennymoor have a long history of effective management of Spennymoor Town Council”, which effective management attribute would that be, it’s obviously not financial (see above), it’s not Capital Investment (see above), it’s not an Asset Management Plan (see above) and it’s not a Capital Budget Maintenance Plan?

Please remember Councillor Geldard’s quote In his last public article “The labour controlled Spennymoor Town Council have a proven track record of sound financial management. In the last five years, we have managed to balance the books with only one small increase in the Town Council’s precept of Council Tax etc”.

 Well it can’t be that effective management either, as a Town Council they took out a ten year £200k loan in 2005 (now repaid), a further ten year £300k loan in 2011 and now another projected ten year £400k loan, but they have balanced the books!

I leave you to draw your own conclusions and place your vote where you expect trust, openness, transparency and the facts, not spin.


Thank you for reading,

Town Councillor Geoff Darkes on behalf of the Spennymoor Idependents Group


  1. How can the candidate James Patchett make a statement that the Local Labour team have a new fit for purpose Allotment Tenancy Agreement from April 2016. To change a Tenancy Agreement the Council must by Law give tenants 12 months notice, which they have not!!!


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