Alan’s Letter to residents – Part 3

Health and education are policies put in to protect us and our families. With rising numbers of childhood asthma, increasing obesity and widening gap in educational achievement between the north and south, I and the Independent Councillors take this issue very seriously.

We need to see lower class sizes, improved education starting at the early years. We also need to provide an environment for healthy living. Walking and cycling to school can only be done when roads are safe, congestion free, travelling distances are short and infrastructure is in place.

I believe we can do more to provide safe routes to school, encourage a moMe_Pic_4re active lifestyle which provides for healthy body and mind which together with high quality schools, with lower class sizes can set our young people up for life.

The Spennymoor Independents all agree that the solution starts with a new school and continues with ongoing support of healthy and pollution free travel where possible.

We are realistic and with decisions already made to extend Ox Close School we are searching to move vehicles away from the school gates and close residents where vehicles stationary with running engines and the movement of young children is neither safe or healthy.

Click on the link below to see the letter I have with Cllr Kevin Thompson delivered to residents in the Ox Close area.


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